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    [cragr] date_guesser modified · cfbdde18
    Martin Sicot authored
    Transactions DO NOT have a year. its only DD/MM. In some cases, if there
    aren't enough
    transactions in the account, a transaction dating from last year has its
    date incorrectly
    guessed (with the date_guesser/ to avoid this we had to reduce
    to 2 in order to prevent such problems, but only for savings accounts.It
    is not perfect,
    hence the assertion to make sure we aren't returning a future date that
    is more than 2 days forward.
    At date "2018/12/03", the site only shows one transaction with date
    "29/12", so this interpreted as "2018/12/29" (future) instead of
    "2017/12/29" (past).
    If there were more transactions in the year, this wouldn't happen
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