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      [caissedepargne] for transfers, avoid EMV auth if present, choose SMS · 8ca5266e
      Vincent Ardisson authored
      Within a session, caissedepargne requires 2FA authentication for
      transfers or adding recipients. Most often, it's an SMS. But for
      creditcooperatif users, it might be EMV auth OTP by default. In this
      case, on the website, the user can reject EMV auth and switch to SMS.
      Reproduce here the fallback behavior. If it's SMS directly, it's ok. But
      if it's EMV, switch to SMS.
      In case of fallback, the SMS is sent after request_sms is queried, so it
      must be queried _before_ raising TransferStep, not _after_ as it was
      done it previous code. Thus, we save validation keys in browser state.
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    • Fong NGO's avatar
      [creditcooperatif] new espace bourse for Credit Cooperatif's connections · db94b500
      Fong NGO authored
      The new Linebourse's website uses new requests to an API that are implemented
      in a brand new browser class (LinebourseAPIBrowser).
      Caisse d'Epargne's connections still use the old Linebourse website,
      that's why an additional class attribute stores the browser to use
      It is only used by Credit cooperatif's connections so far, so the
      existing code has to be kept as such, using if-conditionals on the
      current url to choose which requests to run.
      Also, raise an ActionNeeded for the first connection (CGUs)
    • Fong NGO's avatar
      [creditcooperatif] allow multi type connections to work · a8755702
      Fong NGO authored
      The code was only dealing with single type connections ([EU]). I added
      an additional request that needs to be done when there are several
      connection types (on the website the user is asked to choose between
      espace particulier or espace pro for example).
      The patch also deals with the fact that the domain name is different for
      the first two requests of the login step.
      Closes: 6521@zendesk
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      [creditcooperatif] optional nuser · e3fe7ab0
      Célande Adrien authored
    • Célande Adrien's avatar
      [creditcooperatif] add nuser · 0b726d34
      Célande Adrien authored
      Since caissedepargne has now a third identificator, nuser. It had been added to creditcooperatif.
      With a Switching Browser, the module can use the CenetBrowser.
      Several BASEURLs are handled because one is used for the login ans the other one for the rest of the navigation.
      So that the BASEURLs can be written in the code for another script.
      The migration script is the one made for caissedepargne to handle nuser.
      Closes: 5588@zendesk
      Closes: 5523@zendesk
      Closes: 5574@zendesk
      Closes: 5643@zendesk
      Closes: 5645@zendesk
      Closes: 4440@sibi
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