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      weboob.browser.browsers: no pickling when saving cookie jar in StatesMixin · 140ce810
      Vincent Ardisson authored
      pickle may be unsafe for loading data. All we want is a cookie jar, we
      can just serialize its cookies, not necessarily the whole jar with its
      type and policy.
      Old format is base64(compress(pickle(jar))).
      New format is base64(compress(json(jar))) where JSON conversion is on
      the list of cookies (taking name, value, domain, path, secure (https)
      and expires).
      dump_state will now save using the new format while load_state supports
      both new and old format. This allows compatibility for some time, then
      later old format support in load_state will be dropped too.
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    • Vincent Ardisson's avatar
      weboob.browser.browsers: write new HAR entries without rewriting the full file · c2cda409
      Vincent Ardisson authored
      HAR file was rewritten on every request, because JSON libs don't allow inserting
      data in an existing JSON without rewriting the whole file.
      However, if we put request/response entries at the end of the HAR data, only a
      fixed suffix exists after the entries.
      Then we can seek near the file end to a computed position, write the new entry
      (which overwrites terminators), and we can rewrite the overwritten terminators
      right after.
      Not only can we write only the new data, but we do not need to keep track of
      the shifted bytes.
      If the HAR wasn't written with the exact same options, we won't seek accurately
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