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      Make CapCollection a bit more useable · 9c5326c0
      Laurent Bachelier authored
      Collections are not stored in replapplication.objects anymore, but in
      replapplication.collections. This fixes the IDs issue. There was no gain
      from storing them in objects.
      Completion right after cd should be faster (and should always have been
      like that, it was pretty much a bug).
      The display of do_ls() should be much clearer. Collections are always at
      the end, have ids/title/backend like objects (but using a formatter
      would be better than my current hack).
      There are still many issues with the current implementation.
      refs #774
      closes #785
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      Fix error when no artist/title · 7d1c232b
      Laurent Bachelier authored
      It's hard to reproduce the bug, I had it for a very short time, and
      didn't think of saving the HTTP responses.
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