Commit f9ec5f03 authored by Léo Yvin's avatar Léo Yvin Committed by Vincent A normalize regexp for consistency

In Value.check_valid method, regexp in validation error message
is not consistent with actual matching test: it uses re.match
and adds ending anchor.
We can "normalize" regexp in objet initialization to be consistent.
parent 5c17b17c
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ class Value(object):
self.default = kwargs.get('default', None)
if isinstance(self.default, str):
self.default = to_unicode(self.default)
self.regexp = kwargs.get('regexp', None)
self.regexp = self.get_normalized_regexp(kwargs.get('regexp', None))
self.choices = kwargs.get('choices', None)
self.aliases = kwargs.get('aliases')
if isinstance(self.choices, (list, tuple)):
......@@ -88,6 +88,18 @@ class Value(object):
self.required = kwargs.get('required', self.default is None)
self._value = kwargs.get('value', None)
def get_normalized_regexp(regexp):
""" Return normalized regexp adding missing anchors """
if not regexp:
return regexp
if not regexp.startswith('^'):
regexp = '^' + regexp
if not regexp.endswith('$'):
regexp += '$'
return regexp
def show_value(self, v):
if self.masked:
return u''
......@@ -106,7 +118,7 @@ class Value(object):
if v == '' and self.default != '' and (self.choices is None or v not in self.choices):
raise ValueError('Value can\'t be empty')
if self.regexp is not None and not re.match(self.regexp + '$', unicode(v) if v is not None else ''):
if self.regexp is not None and not re.match(self.regexp, unicode(v) if v is not None else ''):
raise ValueError('Value "%s" does not match regexp "%s"' % (self.show_value(v), self.regexp))
if self.choices is not None and v not in self.choices:
if not self.aliases or v not in self.aliases:
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