Commit f8b1db92 authored by Bruno Chabrier's avatar Bruno Chabrier Committed by Romain Bignon

Removed unused code following merge of PR 193: Added unicode support to INIConfig

parent 64bd687d
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......@@ -449,28 +449,6 @@ class Boomoney(Boobank):
self.config.set(t.account, 'last_date', t.last_date)
# The above line doesn't work with unicode strings because the
# file is not open with the right encoding.
# The below is a copy of the method but opens
# the file with the utf-8 encoding
from decimal import Decimal
def save_section(values, root_section=self.config.ROOTSECT):
for k, v in values.items():
if isinstance(v, (int, Decimal, float, basestring)):
if not self.config.config.has_section(root_section):
self.config.config.set(root_section, k, unicode(v))
elif isinstance(v, dict):
new_section = ':'.join((root_section, k)) if (root_section != self.config.ROOTSECT or k == self.config.ROOTSECT) else k
if not self.config.config.has_section(new_section):
save_section(v, new_section)
import io
with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
def getList(self):
self.onecmd("select id label")
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