Commit f8888467 authored by Quentin Defenouillere's avatar Quentin Defenouillere Committed by Romain Bignon

[caissedepargne] Corrected type and balance xpath for LI and Capitalisation

parent ff1f19ae
......@@ -296,6 +296,8 @@ class IndexPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
account.type = self.ACCOUNT_TYPES.get(label, info['acc_type'] if 'acc_type' in info else account_type)
if 'PERP' in account.label:
account.type = Account.TYPE_PERP
if 'NUANCES CAPITALISATI' in account.label:
account.type = Account.TYPE_CAPITALISATION
balance = balance or self.get_balance(account)
account.balance = Decimal(FrenchTransaction.clean_amount(balance)) if balance and balance is not NotAvailable else NotAvailable
......@@ -315,10 +317,10 @@ class IndexPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
accounts[] = account
def get_balance(self, account):
if account.type not in (Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE, Account.TYPE_PERP):
if account.type not in (Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE, Account.TYPE_PERP, Account.TYPE_CAPITALISATION):
return NotAvailable
page = self.go_history(account._info).page
balance = page.doc.xpath('.//tr[td[ends-with(@id,"NumContrat")]/a[contains(text(),$id)]]/td[@class="somme"]',
balance = page.doc.xpath('.//tr[td[contains(@id,"NumContrat")]]/td[@class="somme"]/a[contains(@href, $id)]',
if len(balance) > 0:
balance = CleanText('.')(balance[0])
balance = balance if balance != u'' else NotAvailable
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