Commit e8ed36bc authored by Lucas Ficheux's avatar Lucas Ficheux Committed by Vincent A

[] Add field 'gross_amount' to Transaction

Added field 'gross_amount' to the Transaction class to store the value of
the transaction without the commission.

Closes : 12239@zendesk
parent bf37797e
......@@ -417,10 +417,11 @@ class Transaction(BaseObject):
raw = StringField('Raw label of the transaction')
category = StringField('Category of the transaction')
label = StringField('Pretty label')
amount = DecimalField('Amount of the transaction')
amount = DecimalField('Net amount of the transaction, used to compute account balance')
card = StringField('Card number (if any)')
commission = DecimalField('Commission part on the transaction (in account currency)')
gross_amount = DecimalField('Amount of the transaction without the commission')
# International
original_amount = DecimalField('Original amount (in another currency)')
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