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Commit e594d05b authored by ROLY Dorian's avatar ROLY Dorian Committed by Vincent A

[bnporc/pp] Temporarily remove change_pass feature

parent 708e6ccc
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from collections import Counter
import re
from io import BytesIO
from decimal import Decimal
......@@ -49,8 +48,7 @@
from import Advisor
from woob.capabilities.profile import Person, ProfileMissing
from woob.exceptions import (
BrowserUnavailable, BrowserPasswordExpired,
AppValidationCancelled, AppValidationExpired,
BrowserUnavailable, AppValidationCancelled, AppValidationExpired,
from import rib2iban, rebuild_rib, is_iban_valid
from import FrenchTransaction, parse_with_patterns
......@@ -70,92 +68,8 @@ class TransferAssertionError(Exception):
class ConnectionThresholdPage(HTMLPage):
"""BNP disallows to reuse one of the three last used passwords."""
def make_date(self, yy, m, d):
current =
if yy > current - 2000:
yyyy = 1900 + yy
yyyy = 2000 + yy
return datetime(yyyy, m, d)
def looks_legit(self, password):
# the site says:
# have at least 3 different digits
if len(Counter(password)) < 3:
return False
# not the birthdate (but we don't know it)
first, mm, end = map(int, (password[0:2], password[2:4], password[4:6]))
now =
delta = now - self.make_date(first, mm, end)
except ValueError:
if 10 < delta.days / 365 < 70:
return False
delta = now - self.make_date(end, mm, first)
except ValueError:
if 10 < delta.days / 365 < 70:
return False
# no sequence (more than 4 digits?)
password = list(map(int, password))
up = 0
down = 0
for a, b in zip(password[:-1], password[1:]):
up += int(a + 1 == b)
down += int(a - 1 == b)
if up >= 4 or down >= 4:
return False
return True
def on_load(self):
msg = (
or CleanText('//p[contains(text(), "Vous avez atteint la date de fin de vie de votre code secret")]')(
self.logger.warning('Password expired.')
if not self.browser.rotating_password:
raise BrowserPasswordExpired(msg)
if not self.looks_legit(self.browser.password):
# we may not be able to restore the password, so reject it
self.logger.warning('Unable to restore it, it is not legit.')
raise BrowserPasswordExpired(msg)
new_passwords = []
for i in range(self.NOT_REUSABLE_PASSWORDS_COUNT):
new_pass = ''.join(str((int(char) + i + 1) % 10) for char in self.browser.password)
if not self.looks_legit(new_pass):
self.logger.warning('One of rotating password is not legit')
raise BrowserPasswordExpired(msg)
current_password = self.browser.password
for new_pass in new_passwords:
self.logger.warning('Renewing with temp password')
if not self.browser.change_pass(current_password, new_pass):
self.logger.warning('New temp password is rejected, giving up')
raise BrowserPasswordExpired(msg)
current_password = new_pass
if not self.browser.change_pass(current_password, self.browser.password):
self.logger.error('Could not restore old password!')
self.logger.warning('Old password restored.')
# we don't want to try to rotate password two times in a row
self.browser.rotating_password = 0
# WIP: Temporarily remove change pass feature
def cast(x, typ, default=None):
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