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Commit e447b303 authored by Fong NGO's avatar Fong NGO Committed by Romain Bignon

[fortuneo] only call has_action_needed method when on AccountList page

The iframe destination tends to change, and isn't always an AccountList
page. However, we test the existence of CGUs on the AccountsList page,
and this is why we need to ensure we are on a AccountList page

Closes: 14153@sibi 13797@sibi
parent 87bf5559
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ def process_action_needed(self):
self.location(self.absurl(url, base=True)) # beware, the landing page might vary according to the referer page. So far I didn't figure out how the landing page is chosen.
# if there are skippable CGUs, skip them
if self.accounts_page.is_here() and
# Look for the request in the event listener registered to the button
# can be harcoded, no variable part. It is a POST request without data.
self.location(self.absurl('ReloadContext?action=1&', base=True), method='POST')
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