Commit e22dd9bf authored by Augustin Bouverot's avatar Augustin Bouverot Committed by Vincent A

[caissedepargne] Fetch snid from another place

In creditcooperatif (a caissedepargne child), the snid authentication
parameter was not available in the parsed url. We can now take it from
another place if it is not on the parsed url (it is always in the
continue_parameters OR the url).
parent 39d0b5eb
......@@ -677,6 +677,10 @@ class CaisseEpargne(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
continue_url = url_params['continue'][0]
continue_parameters = data['continueParameters']
# snid is either present in continue_parameters (creditcooperatif / banquebcp)
# or in url_params (caissedepargne / other children)
snid = json.loads(continue_parameters).get('snid') or url_params['snid'][0]
......@@ -706,7 +710,7 @@ class CaisseEpargne(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
'display': 'page',
'client_id': client_id,
'claims': '{"userinfo":{"cdetab":null,"authMethod":null,"authLevel":null},"id_token":{"auth_time":{"essential":true},"last_login":null}}',
'bpcesta': '{"csid":"%s","typ_app":"rest","enseigne":"ce","typ_sp":"out-band","typ_act":"auth","snid":"%s","cdetab":"%s","typ_srv":"part"}' % (csid, url_params['snid'][0], url_params['cdetab'][0]),
'bpcesta': '{"csid":"%s","typ_app":"rest","enseigne":"ce","typ_sp":"out-band","typ_act":"auth","snid":"%s","cdetab":"%s","typ_srv":"part"}' % (csid, snid, url_params['cdetab'][0]),
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