Commit dfc6c6cf authored by Vincent A's avatar Vincent A

translaboob: use babel to detect language names and pass ISO-639 codes

translaboob took "fr" as input and passed "French" to modules. This
should be the reverse, modules should receive the ISO-639 code of the
desired language.
parent 33675ba4
......@@ -19,10 +19,13 @@
from __future__ import print_function
import re
from weboob.capabilities.translate import CapTranslate, TranslationFail, LanguageNotSupported
from import ReplApplication
from import IFormatter
from babel.core import Locale, UnknownLocaleError
from babel.localedata import locale_identifiers
__all__ = ['Translaboob']
......@@ -57,18 +60,19 @@ class Translaboob(ReplApplication):
COMMANDS_FORMATTERS = {'translate': 'translation',
'ar': 'Arabic', 'af': 'Afrikaans', 'sq': 'Albanian', 'hy': 'Armenian', 'az': 'Azerbaijani', 'eu': 'Basque', 'be': 'Belarusian',
'bn': 'Bengali', 'bg': 'Bulgarian', 'ca': 'Catalan', 'zh': 'Chinese', 'hr': 'Croatian', 'cz': 'Czech', 'da': 'Danish',
'nl': 'Dutch', 'en': 'English', 'eo': 'Esperanto', 'et': 'Estonian', 'tl': 'Filipino', 'fi': 'Finnish', 'fr': 'French',
'gl': 'Galician', 'ka': 'Georgian', 'de': 'German', 'gr': 'Greek', 'gu': 'Gujarati', 'ht': 'Haitian', 'iw': 'Hebrew',
'hi': 'Hindi', 'hu': 'Hungaric', 'is': 'Icelandic', 'id': 'Indonesian', 'ga': 'Irish', 'it': 'Italian', 'ja': 'Japanese',
'kn': 'Kannada', 'ko': 'Korean', 'la': 'Latin', 'lv': 'Latvian', 'lt': 'Lithuanian', 'mk': 'Macedonian', 'ms': 'Malay',
'mt': 'Maltese', 'no': 'Norwegian', 'fa': 'Persian', 'pl': 'Polish', 'pt': 'Portuguese', 'ro': 'Romanian', 'ru': 'Russian',
'sr': 'Serbian', 'sk': 'Slovak', 'sl': 'Slovenian', 'es': 'Spanish', 'sw': 'Swahili', 'sv': 'Swedish', 'ta': 'Tamil',
'te': 'Telugu', 'th': 'Thai', 'tr': 'Turkish', 'uk': 'Ukrainian', 'ur': 'Urdu', 'vi': 'Vietnamese', 'cy': 'Welsh', 'yi': 'Yiddish',
'nigger': 'Nigger!',
def parse_lang(self, s):
locale = Locale.parse(s)
except UnknownLocaleError:
pattern = re.compile(r'\b%s\b' % re.escape(s), re.I)
for locale_id in locale_identifiers():
locale = Locale.parse(locale_id)
return locale.language
return s
return locale.language
def do_translate(self, line):
......@@ -103,16 +107,14 @@ class Translaboob(ReplApplication):
lan_from, lan_to, text = self.parse_command_args(line, 3, 2)
if lan_from not in self.LANGUAGE.keys():
raise LanguageNotSupported()
if lan_to not in self.LANGUAGE.keys():
raise LanguageNotSupported()
lan_from = self.parse_lang(lan_from)
lan_to = self.parse_lang(lan_to)
if not text or text == '-':
text = self.acquire_input()
for translation in'translate', self.LANGUAGE[lan_from], self.LANGUAGE[lan_to], text):
for translation in'translate', lan_from, lan_to, text):
except (TranslationFail, LanguageNotSupported) as error:
print(error, file=self.stderr)
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