Commit d53a3afc authored by Damien Mat's avatar Damien Mat Committed by Vincent A

[societegenerale] Big Pro/Ent cleanup

To better avoid problems when changing things not common
to SGEntreprise and SGProfessional,
inheritance scheme is changed.

A common SGPEBrowser still exists. It takes in
common login steps from SocieteGeneraleLogin,
and common Pro/Ent navigation.
But SGProfessionalBrowser and SGEnterpriseBrowser are now
each inheriting separately from SGPEBrowser.

It bears importance for the few differences in 2FA handling
for Ent, where it is systematic, compared to Pro.

Also, dead code is deleted (browser and pages' side).
And a few commenting is added.
parent a08cce0d
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......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ class item(ItemElement):
klass = Account
obj__id = Dict('id')
obj_number = CleanText(Dict('iban'), replace=[(' ', '')])
obj_number = CleanText(Dict('iban'), replace=[(' ', '')]) # yes, IBAN is presented as number to user
obj_iban = Field('number')
obj_label = CleanText(Dict('libelle'))
obj__agency = Dict('agenceGestionnaire')
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ class item(ItemElement):
obj_date = Date(Env('date'))
obj_rdate = Date(CleanText(Dict('date')), dayfirst=True, default=NotAvailable)
obj_label = CleanText(Dict('libelle'))
obj_type = Transaction.TYPE_CARD
obj_type = Transaction.TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD # card summaries only on parent account side
def obj_amount(self):
return Decimal(Dict('montant/montant')(self)) / (10 ** Decimal(Dict('montant/nbrDecimales')(self)))
......@@ -28,12 +28,11 @@
from weboob.browser.pages import HTMLPage, LoggedPage
from weboob.browser.elements import ListElement, ItemElement, method
from weboob.browser.filters.standard import (
CleanText, CleanDecimal, Date,
CleanText, Date,
Env, Regexp, Field, Format,
from weboob.browser.filters.html import Attr, Link
from import FrenchTransaction
from weboob.capabilities.profile import Person
from weboob.capabilities.bill import Document, Subscription, DocumentTypes
from weboob.exceptions import ActionNeeded, BrowserIncorrectPassword, BrowserUnavailable
from import json
......@@ -190,86 +189,6 @@ class LoginPEPage(LoginParPage):
class CardsPage(LoggedPage, SGPEPage):
def get_coming_list(self):
coming_list = []
for a in self.doc.xpath('//a[contains(@onclick, "changeCarte")]'):
m = re.findall("'([^']+)'", Attr(a.xpath('.'), 'onclick')(self))
params = {}
params['carte'] = m[1]
params['date'] = m[2]
return coming_list
class CardHistoryPage(LoggedPage, SGPEPage):
class iter_transactions(ListElement):
item_xpath = '//table[@id="tab-corps"]//tr'
class item(ItemElement):
klass = Transaction
obj_rdate = Date(CleanText('./td[1]'), dayfirst=True)
obj_date = Date(Env('date'), dayfirst=True, default=NotAvailable)
obj_raw = Transaction.Raw(CleanText('./td[2]'))
obj__coming = True
def obj_type(self):
return Transaction.TYPE_DEFERRED_CARD
def obj_amount(self):
return (
CleanDecimal('./td[3]', replace_dots=True, default=NotAvailable)(self)
or CleanDecimal('./td[2]', replace_dots=True)(self)
def condition(self):
return CleanText('./td[2]')(self)
def has_next(self):
current = None
total = None
for script in self.doc.xpath('//script'):
if script.text is None:
m ='var pageActive\s+= (\d+)', script.text)
if m:
current = int(
m ="var nombrePage\s+= (\d+)", script.text)
if m:
total = int(
if all((current, total)) and current < total:
return True
return False
class ProfileEntPage(LoggedPage, SGPEPage):
class get_profile(ItemElement):
klass = Person
obj_email = CleanText('//tr[th[text()="Adresse e-mail"]]/td')
obj_job = CleanText('//tr[th[text()="Fonction dans l\'entreprise"]]/td')
obj_company_name = CleanText('//tr[th[text()="Raison sociale"]]/td')
def obj_phone(self):
return (
CleanText('//tr[th[contains(text(), "Téléphone mobile")]]/td')(self)
or CleanText('//tr[th[contains(text(), "Téléphone fixe")]]/td')(self)
or NotAvailable
def obj_name(self):
civility = CleanText('//tr[th[contains(text(), "Civilité")]]/td')(self)
firstname = CleanText('//tr[th[contains(text(), "Prénom")]]/td')(self)
lastname = CleanText('//tr[th[contains(text(), "Nom")]]/td')(self)
return "%s %s %s" % (civility, firstname, lastname)
class SubscriptionPage(LoggedPage, SGPEPage):
def iter_subscription(self):
for account in self.doc.xpath('//select[@name="compteSelected"]/option'):
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