The new woob repository is here: This gitlab will be removed soon.

The new woob repository is here: This gitlab will be removed soon.

Commit d102d028 authored by Christophe François's avatar Christophe François Committed by Vincent A

[bforbank] Fix URL to investments space

The previous way to fetch the URL of market accounts now returns a
generic URL which results in an error. The correct URL is in a different

I tested that the new URL does lead us to the netfinca space, however
I could not test the relogin after leaving it because of the OTP.

Closes: 34197@zendesk, 34336@zendesk, 34355@zendesk, 34368@zendesk
Closes: 2715@sibi
parent 3c167328
......@@ -432,7 +432,7 @@ def goto_spirica(self, account):
def get_bourse_account(self, account):
owner_name = self.get_profile().name.upper().split(' ', 1)[1]
self.bourse_login.go( # "login" to bourse page
assert self.bourse.is_here()
......@@ -170,7 +170,10 @@ class item(ItemElement):
obj_type = Map(Regexp(Field('label'), r'^([^ ]*)'), TYPE, default=Account.TYPE_UNKNOWN)
def obj_url(self):
return urljoin(, CleanText('./@data-href')(self))
path = Attr('.', 'data-href')(self)
if path == '/espace-client/titres':
path = Attr('.', 'data-urlcatitre')(self)
return urljoin(, path)
obj__card_balance = CleanDecimal('./td//div[@class="synthese-encours"][last()]/div[2]', default=None)
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