Commit cb70565d authored by Jerome Berthier's avatar Jerome Berthier Committed by Romain Bignon

[caissedepargne] netpro, handle a different website behavior with more then 2 accounts

When there are several accounts but only one is a checking and other are loans, the website does not display the account selection box.
parent f8228243
......@@ -591,9 +591,12 @@ class IndexPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
def is_history_of(self, account_id):
Check whether the displayed history is for the correct account
Check whether the displayed history is for the correct account.
If we do not find the select box we consider we are on the expected account (like it was before this check)
return bool(self.doc.xpath('//option[@value="%s" and @selected]' % account_id))
if self.doc.xpath('//select[@id="MM_HISTORIQUE_COMPTE_m_ExDropDownList"]'):
return bool(self.doc.xpath('//option[@value="%s" and @selected]' % account_id))
return True
def go_history(self, info, is_cbtab=False):
form = self.get_form(id='main')
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