Commit caa90d41 authored by Christophe Francois's avatar Christophe Francois Committed by Vincent A

[creditmutuel] Fix duplicate portfolio accounts

I misunderstood the issue with duplicate IDs in the portfolio accounts
page. The issue is that liquidities accounts which were fetched on the
main accounts page are now also on the portfolio page. Because of this
change we fetched them twice.

This commit reverts the change on account IDs on the portfolio page and
ignores the liquidities accounts on this page.
parent d44a23d4
......@@ -1608,10 +1608,15 @@ class PorPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
self.env['id'] = CleanText('.//a', replace=[(' ', '')])(self)
self.env['balance'] = CleanDecimal.French(TableCell('balance'), default=None)(self)
is_total = 'TOTAL VALO' in CleanText('.')(self)
is_liquidity = (
'LIQUIDITE' in CleanText(TableCell('raw_label'))(self)
or 'TOTAL Compte espèces' in CleanText('.')(self)
is_global_view = Env('id')(self) == 'Vueconsolidée'
has_empty_balance = Env('balance')(self) is None
return (
not is_total
and not is_liquidity
and not is_global_view
and not has_empty_balance
......@@ -1632,11 +1637,8 @@ class PorPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
obj__link_id = Regexp(Link('.//a', default=''), r'ddp=([^&]*)', default=NotAvailable)
# IDs on the old page were differentiated with 5 digits in front of the ID, but not here.
# We still need to differentiate them so we add ".1" at the end of the liquidities account.
def obj_id(self):
if 'LIQUIDITE' in CleanText(TableCell('raw_label'))(self):
return Format('%s.1', Env('id'))(self)
return Env('id')(self)
# We still need to differentiate them so we add ".1" at the end.
obj_id = Format('%s.1', Env('id'))
def obj_type(self):
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