Commit c605ed0d authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon replace version in setup.cfg too

parent 0e2e1a4a
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ cd "$(dirname $0)/.."
function set_version {
echo -n "Replacing version in source files to $1... "
sed -i "s/^\(\s*\)\(VERSION\|version\|release\|__version__\)\( *\)=\( *\)[\"'][0-9]\+\..\+[\"']\(,\?\)$/\1\2\3=\4'$1'\5/g" $(git ls-files -x contrib | grep -v "\.svg$")
sed -i "s/^\(\s*\)\(VERSION\|version\|release\|__version__\)\( *\)=\( *\)\([\"']\?\)[0-9]\+\.[0-9a-z]\+\([\"']\?\)\(,\?\)$/\1\2\3=\4\5$1\6\7/g" $(git ls-files -x contrib | grep -v "\.svg$")
echo -e "done.\n"
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