Commit c44c7853 authored by Vincent Paredes's avatar Vincent Paredes Committed by Romain Bignon

backporting mergin_hook to support hook's requests in wheezy

parent bb4e91aa
......@@ -27,8 +27,79 @@ except ImportError:
from requests import Session
from requests.adapters import DEFAULT_POOLSIZE, HTTPAdapter
from requests.compat import cookielib, OrderedDict
from requests.cookies import cookiejar_from_dict, RequestsCookieJar
from requests.models import PreparedRequest
from requests.sessions import merge_setting
from requests.structures import CaseInsensitiveDict
from requests.utils import get_netrc_auth
class FuturesSession(Session):
def merge_hooks(request_hooks, session_hooks, dict_class=OrderedDict):
Properly merges both requests and session hooks.
This is necessary because when request_hooks == {'response': []}, the
merge breaks Session hooks entirely.
Backport from request so we can use it in wheezy
if session_hooks is None or session_hooks.get('response') == []:
return request_hooks
if request_hooks is None or request_hooks.get('response') == []:
return session_hooks
ret = {}
for (k, v) in request_hooks.items():
if v is not None:
ret[k] = set(v).union(session_hooks.get(k, []))
return ret
class WeboobSession(Session):
def prepare_request(self, request):
"""Constructs a :class:`PreparedRequest <PreparedRequest>` for
transmission and returns it. The :class:`PreparedRequest` has settings
merged from the :class:`Request <Request>` instance and those of the
:param request: :class:`Request` instance to prepare with this
session's settings.
cookies = request.cookies or {}
# Bootstrap CookieJar.
if not isinstance(cookies, cookielib.CookieJar):
cookies = cookiejar_from_dict(cookies)
# Merge with session cookies
merged_cookies = RequestsCookieJar()
# Set environment's basic authentication if not explicitly set.
auth = request.auth
if self.trust_env and not auth and not self.auth:
auth = get_netrc_auth(request.url)
p = PreparedRequest()
headers=merge_setting(request.headers, self.headers, dict_class=CaseInsensitiveDict),
params=merge_setting(request.params, self.params),
auth=merge_setting(auth, self.auth),
hooks=merge_hooks(request.hooks, self.hooks),
return p
class FuturesSession(WeboobSession):
def __init__(self, executor=None, max_workers=2, *args, **kwargs):
"""Creates a FuturesSession
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