Commit bed707b9 authored by Christophe Francois's avatar Christophe Francois Committed by Vincent A

[ing] Use old URLs from boursedirect parent

Some URLs have been updated on Bourse Direct but not yet on ING. For now
we need to specify the old URLs in the abstract browser.
parent 908141f0
......@@ -24,13 +24,24 @@ from __future__ import unicode_literals
from weboob.browser import AbstractBrowser, URL, need_login
from .boursedirect_pages import MarketOrdersPage, MarketOrderDetailsPage
from .boursedirect_pages import (
MarketOrdersPage, MarketOrderDetailsPage, AccountsPage, HistoryPage,
class BourseDirectBrowser(AbstractBrowser):
PARENT = 'boursedirect'
# These URLs have been updated on Bourse Direct but not on ING.
# If they are updated on ING, remove these definitions and associated abstract pages.
accounts = URL(
history = URL(r'/priv/compte.php\?ong=3&nc=(?P<nc>\d+)', HistoryPage)
market_orders = URL(r'/priv/compte.php\?ong=7', MarketOrdersPage)
market_orders_details = URL(r'/priv/detailOrdre.php', MarketOrderDetailsPage)
......@@ -24,6 +24,18 @@ from __future__ import unicode_literals
from weboob.browser.pages import AbstractPage
class AccountsPage(AbstractPage):
PARENT = 'boursedirect'
PARENT_URL = 'accounts'
BROWSER_ATTR = 'package.browser.BoursedirectBrowser'
class HistoryPage(AbstractPage):
PARENT = 'boursedirect'
PARENT_URL = 'history'
BROWSER_ATTR = 'package.browser.BoursedirectBrowser'
class MarketOrdersPage(AbstractPage):
PARENT = 'boursedirect'
PARENT_URL = 'market_orders'
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