Commit bc45857d authored by Célande Adrien's avatar Célande Adrien Committed by Romain Bignon

[ing] avoiding external accounts

ING now get the accounts user from other banks.
We must not scrap them.

Just modified the regex so it does not take the 'bloc-comptes-externes' div.

Closes: 18658@sibi
Closes: 18661@sibi
parent cf71d56f
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ class AccountsList(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
class get_list(ListElement):
item_xpath = '//a[@class="mainclic"]'
item_xpath = '//div[@id="bloc-menu-comptes"]//a[@class="mainclic"]'
class item(ItemElement):
klass = Account
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