Commit b7736c27 authored by Lucas Ficheux's avatar Lucas Ficheux Committed by Vincent A

[axabanque] Changed regex to give a type to transactions which label starts with 'CB'

Transactions starting in 'CB' weren't given a type so I added a case to the regex
parent 08732ba4
...@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ class IbanPage(PDFPage): ...@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ class IbanPage(PDFPage):
class BankTransaction(FrenchTransaction): class BankTransaction(FrenchTransaction):
PATTERNS = [(re.compile('^RET(RAIT) DAB (?P<dd>\d{2})/(?P<mm>\d{2}) (?P<text>.*)'), PATTERNS = [(re.compile('^RET(RAIT) DAB (?P<dd>\d{2})/(?P<mm>\d{2}) (?P<text>.*)'),
FrenchTransaction.TYPE_WITHDRAWAL), FrenchTransaction.TYPE_WITHDRAWAL),
(re.compile('^(CARTE|CB ETRANGER) (?P<dd>\d{2})/(?P<mm>\d{2}) (?P<text>.*)'), (re.compile('^(CARTE|CB ETRANGER|CB) (?P<dd>\d{2})/(?P<mm>\d{2}) (?P<text>.*)'),
FrenchTransaction.TYPE_CARD), FrenchTransaction.TYPE_CARD),
(re.compile('^(?P<category>VIR(EMEN)?T? (SEPA)?(RECU|FAVEUR)?)( /FRM)?(?P<text>.*)'), (re.compile('^(?P<category>VIR(EMEN)?T? (SEPA)?(RECU|FAVEUR)?)( /FRM)?(?P<text>.*)'),
FrenchTransaction.TYPE_TRANSFER), FrenchTransaction.TYPE_TRANSFER),
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