Commit b20f4a4e authored by Quentin Defenouillere's avatar Quentin Defenouillere Committed by Romain Bignon

[amundi] Rename iter_investments => iter_investment

Most methods are called 'iter_investment' in and this
uniformization is required in order to call iter_investment() from the AG2R module.
parent 1706f874
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ class AmundiBrowser(LoginBrowser):
def iter_investments(self, account):
def iter_investment(self, account):
return (self.accounts.go(headers={'X-noee-authorization': ('noeprd %s' % self.token)})
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class AmundiModule(Module, CapBankWealth):
return self.browser.iter_accounts()
def iter_investment(self, account):
for inv in self.browser.iter_investments(account):
for inv in self.browser.iter_investment(account):
if inv.valuation != 0:
yield inv
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