Commit aea17825 authored by Damien Mat's avatar Damien Mat Committed by Vincent A

[hsbc] Build around the new webspace

Many clients are migrating to the new website, maybe all of them. This asks for a revision of the
parsing as well as the navigation. Also handle the case of professional
accounts and multi owners.

Closes: 12295@zendesk, 12299@zendesk, 12341@zendesk, 12353@zendesk
parent cc7ef90b
......@@ -128,8 +128,9 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
self.unique_accounts_dict = dict()
self.secret = secret
self.PEA_LISTING = {}
self.owners = []
self.owners_url_list = []
self.web_space = None
self.home_url = None
def load_state(self, state):
......@@ -157,15 +158,14 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
if new_base_url in self.url:
self.BASEURL = new_base_url
home_url = None
if self.frame_page.is_here():
home_url =
self.home_url =
self.js_url =
if not home_url or not
if not self.home_url or not
raise BrowserIncorrectPassword()
def go_post(self, url, data=None):
# most of HSBC accounts links are actually handled by js code
......@@ -185,9 +185,6 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
"Pas de TIERS", so we must always go to the owners list before
going to the owner's account page.
# In case of only one owner, do nothing and exit
if len(self.owners) == 1:
if not self.owners_list.is_here():
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'})
......@@ -199,8 +196,8 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'})
# Refresh owners URLs in case they changed:
self.owners =
self.owners_url_list =
def iter_account_owners(self):
......@@ -209,31 +206,66 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
people each having their own accounts. We must fetch the account
for each person and store the owner of each account.
self.web_space =
if not self.web_space:
if not self.accounts.is_here():
self.web_space =
if not self.unique_accounts_dict and self.web_space == 'new_space':
With the new space the "Mes comptes de tiers" service is not activated by default, so this page is empty.
We must declare here the only owner in 'self.owners'
This could change in the future with more people migrating.
self.owners = [0]
self.accounts_dict[self.owners[0]] = {}
for a in self.accounts_dict[self.owners[0]].values():
a._owner = self.owners[0]
self.unique_accounts_dict = self.accounts_dict[self.owners[0]]
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'})
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'}) # Go to the owners list to find the list of other owners
self.owners_url_list =
for owner in range(len(self.owners_url_list)):
self.accounts_dict[owner] = {}
# We must set an "_owner" attribute to each account.
for a in self.accounts_dict[owner].values():
a._owner = owner
# go on cards page if there are cards accounts
for a in self.accounts_dict[owner].values():
if a.type == Account.TYPE_CARD:
# get all couples (card, parent) on card page
all_card_and_parent = []
if self.cbPage.is_here():
all_card_and_parent =
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'COMPTES_PAN'})
# update cards parent and currency
for a in self.accounts_dict[owner].values():
if a.type == Account.TYPE_CARD:
for card in all_card_and_parent: # card[0] and card[1] are labels containing the id for the card and its parents account, respectively
if in card[0].replace(' ', ''): # cut spaces in labels such as 'CARTE PREMIER N° 1234 00XX XXXX 5678'
parent_id = re.match(r'^(\d*)?(\d{11}EUR)$', card[1]).group(2) # ids in the HTML have 5 numbers added at the beginning, catch only the end
a.parent = find_object(self.accounts_dict[owner].values(), id=parent_id)
if a.parent and not a.currency:
a.currency = a.parent.currency
# We must get back to the owners list before moving to the next owner:
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'})
# Fill a dictionary will all accounts without duplicating common accounts:
for owner in self.accounts_dict.values():
for account in owner.values():
if not in self.unique_accounts_dict.keys():
self.unique_accounts_dict[] = account
if self.unique_accounts_dict:
for account in self.unique_accounts_dict.values():
yield account
# TODO ckeck GrayLog and get rid of old space code if clients are no longer using it
self.logger.warning('Passed through the old HSBC webspace')
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'})
self.owners =
self.owners_url_list =
# self.accounts_dict will be a dictionary of owners each
# containing a dictionary of the owner's accounts.
for owner in range(len(self.owners)):
for owner in range(len(self.owners_url_list)):
self.accounts_dict[owner] = {}
......@@ -330,7 +362,7 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
def get_history(self, account, coming=False, retry_li=True):
# Update accounts list only in case of several owners
if len(self.owners) > 1:
if len(self.owners_url_list) > 1:
self.update_accounts_dict(account._owner, iban=False)
account = self.accounts_dict[account._owner][]
......@@ -411,8 +443,16 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
if self.cbPage.is_here():
history_tabs_urls =
guesser = LinearDateGuesser(date_max_bump=timedelta(45))
history = list(
history = []
if coming:
self.location(history_tabs_urls[0]) # fetch only first tab coming transactions
history += list(
for tab in history_tabs_urls[1:]:
self.location(tab) # fetch all tab but first of past transactions
history += list(
for tr in history:
if tr.type == tr.TYPE_UNKNOWN:
......@@ -572,10 +612,10 @@ class HSBC(LoginBrowser):
def get_profile(self):
if not self.owners:
if not self.owners_url_list:
self.go_post(self.js_url, data={'debr': 'OPTIONS_TIE'})
if self.owners_list.is_here():
self.owners =
self.owners_url_list =
# The main owner of the connection is always the first of the list:
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