Commit a279148d authored by Guillaume Risbourg's avatar Guillaume Risbourg Committed by Vincent A

[americanexpress] Modified data index for iter_accounts

The website added 2 elements (`rendering` and its data that look like `['^1',['disableStyles',False,'disableScripts',False]]`) at index `13` of their data that pushed
back the `core` we were looking for.
parent f7cbb9b3
......@@ -88,13 +88,13 @@ class AccountsPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
assert False, "data was not found"
assert data[13] == 'core'
assert len(data[14]) == 3
assert data[15] == 'core'
assert len(data[16]) == 3
# search for products to get products list
for index, el in enumerate(data[14][2]):
for index, el in enumerate(data[16][2]):
if 'products' in el:
accounts_data = data[14][2][index + 1]
accounts_data = data[16][2][index + 1]
assert len(accounts_data) == 2
assert accounts_data[1][4] == 'productsList'
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