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Commit a240f4f1 authored by Christophe François's avatar Christophe François Committed by Vincent A

[s2e] Manage documents with the same ID

Some documents have the same label and the same date. In this case their
ID is the same, there is no usable info on the website to discriminate them,
we do it manually.
parent 92970a13
......@@ -329,7 +329,23 @@ def iter_documents(self):
# we might land on the documents page, but sometimes we land on user info "tab"
# Sometimes two documents have the same ID (same date and same type)
existing_id = set()
for document in
if document._url_id in existing_id:
id_suffix = 1
while '%s-%s' % (document._url_id, id_suffix) in existing_id:
id_suffix += 1
if id_suffix > 5:
# Avoid infinite loops in case of an issue
# There shouldn't be that many documents with the same id, we let it raise an exception
break = '%s-%s' % (document._url_id, id_suffix)
else: = document._url_id
yield document
class EsaliaBrowser(S2eBrowser):
......@@ -1161,5 +1161,6 @@ class item(ItemElement):
# Note: the id is constructed from the file name, which gives us some interesting information:
# - Document date
# Ex: RDCdirect_28112018link
obj_id = CleanText(QueryValue(obj_url, 'titrePDF'), symbols='/ ')
# Using _url_id instead of id because of duplicate IDs which are managed in the browser
obj__url_id = CleanText(QueryValue(obj_url, 'titrePDF'), symbols='/ ')
obj_type = MapIn(Field('label'), DOCUMENT_TYPE_LABEL, default=DocumentTypes.OTHER)
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