Commit 9c8b0326 authored by Nicolas VERGNAC's avatar Nicolas VERGNAC Committed by Vincent A

[banquepopulaire] add typing to PEA accounts

typing 'Plan Epargne En Actions' to PEA
parent 6a2bd244
......@@ -758,6 +758,7 @@ class GenericAccountsPage(LoggedPage, MyHTMLPage):
(re.compile(r'.*Livret.*'), Account.TYPE_SAVINGS),
(re.compile(r'.*Titres Pea.*'), Account.TYPE_PEA),
(re.compile(r".*Plan D'epargne En Actions.*"), Account.TYPE_PEA),
(re.compile(r".*Plan Epargne En Actions.*"), Account.TYPE_PEA),
(re.compile(r".*Compte Especes Pea.*"), Account.TYPE_PEA),
(re.compile(r'.*Plan Epargne Retraite.*'), Account.TYPE_PERP),
(re.compile(r'.*Titres.*'), Account.TYPE_MARKET),
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