Commit 99ef406d authored by Florent Fourcot's avatar Florent Fourcot


parent e5a30276
......@@ -7,17 +7,18 @@ Romain Bignon <>
Laurent Bachelier <>
* Core team;
* Pastealacon, PasteBin, PayPal and RadioFrance modules maintainer.
* Citelis, Pastealacon, PasteBin, PayPal, RadioFrance and youtube
modules maintainer.
Florent Fourcot <>
* Release manager;
* Champslibres, Freemobile, ING, LeclercMobile, Presseurop, Sachsen,
Nettokom, dresdenwetter and Taz modules maintainer;
Nettokom, dresdenwetter, colissimo, poivy and Taz modules maintainer;
* BNPorc patches.
Julien Hebert <>
* Developer of masstransit;
* Ecrans, Inrocks, LeFigaro, Minutes20 and Transilien modules
* Inrocks, LeFigaro, Minutes20 and Transilien modules
Noe Rubinstein <>
......@@ -30,6 +31,11 @@ Julien Veyssier <>
Attilasub, Opensubtitles, Tvsubtitle, Btmon, Imdb,
Seeklyrics, Parolesmusique and Parolesmania modules maintainer.
Benjamin Carton <>
* adecco, apec, arte, cci, grooveshark, indeed, lolix, popolemploi and
vlille modules maintainer;
* handjoob application.
Christophe Benz <>
* Bouygues, INA, SFR and Youtube modules maintainer.
......@@ -46,11 +52,6 @@ François Revol <>
* Europarl, GDCVault and Vimeo modules maintainer.
* Canaplus and qvideoob fixes
Benjamin Carton <>
* vlille, grooveshark, adecco, apec, lolix and popolemploi modules
* handjoob application.
Pierre Mazière <>
* LCL and RockRadio modules maintainer;
* BNPorc fixes.
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