Commit 98d0c992 authored by Maxime Pommier's avatar Maxime Pommier Committed by Vincent A

[americanexpress] Add bdate

parent f449d563
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ class JsonHistory(LoggedPage, JsonPage):
obj_raw = CleanText(Dict('description', default=''))
obj_date = Date(Dict('statement_end_date', default=None), default=None)
obj_rdate = Date(Dict('charge_date'))
obj_vdate = Date(Dict('post_date', default=None), default=NotAvailable)
obj_vdate = obj_bdate = Date(Dict('post_date', default=None), default=NotAvailable)
obj_amount = Eval(lambda x: -float_to_decimal(x), Dict('amount'))
obj_original_currency = Dict('foreign_details/iso_alpha_currency_code', default=NotAvailable)
obj_commission = CleanDecimal(Dict('foreign_details/commission_amount', default=NotAvailable), sign=lambda x: -1, default=NotAvailable)
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