Commit 8f2baf31 authored by Olivier Da Rocha's avatar Olivier Da Rocha Committed by Vincent A

[caissedepargne] Add statement documents as an accepted type

We retrieve statement documents but we didn't update the 
parent 8b2f013a
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ class CaisseEpargneModule(Module, CapBankWealth, CapBankTransferAddRecipient, Ca
Value('nuser', label='User ID (optional)', default='', regexp='[A-Z\d]{0,8}'),
accepted_document_types = (DocumentTypes.OTHER,)
accepted_document_types = (DocumentTypes.STATEMENT, DocumentTypes.OTHER,)
def create_default_browser(self):
return self.create_browser(nuser=self.config['nuser'].get(),
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