Commit 8ce50c2f authored by Quentin Defenouillere's avatar Quentin Defenouillere Committed by Vincent A Added MarketOrder execution_date

On some websites we observe 3 dates: validity_date, creation date and
execution date.
The 'date' attribute is set to the creation_date since all market orders
have one, whereas some market orders (that are still ongoing, or that
have been refused or cancelled) have no execution_date, and the date is
often used to sort the orders chronologically.
parent ea2752d3
......@@ -638,8 +638,9 @@ class MarketOrder(BaseObject):
# MarketOrder additional information
order_type = EnumField('Type of market order', MarketOrderType, default=MarketOrderType.UNKNOWN)
direction = EnumField('Direction of the market order (buy or sale)', MarketOrderDirection, default=MarketOrderDirection.UNKNOWN)
date = DateField('Date when the market order was executed')
date = DateField('Creation date of the market order')
validity_date = DateField('Validity date of the market order')
execution_date = DateField('Execution date of the market order (only for market orders that are completed)')
state = StringField('Current state of the market order (e.g. executed)')
code = StringField('Identifier of the stock related to the order')
stock_market = StringField('Stock market on which the order was executed')
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