Commit 8cae8ee2 authored by Florian Duguet's avatar Florian Duguet Committed by Romain Bignon

[ameli] handle error on login

Ameli display errors on login in different html tag, this fix handle a new one

Closes: 13911@sibi 29490@sibi 14644@sibi 13912@sibi
parent 93b1560a
...@@ -52,6 +52,10 @@ class AmeliBasePage(HTMLPage): ...@@ -52,6 +52,10 @@ class AmeliBasePage(HTMLPage):
if errors: if errors:
return errors return errors
errors = CleanText('//div[@class="zone-alerte"]/span')(self.doc)
if errors:
return errors
return False return False
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