Commit 8bf985ad authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon

do not prompt password when empty

parent 33d7a8d4
......@@ -253,15 +253,17 @@ class BackendCfg(QDialog):
params.pop('_enabled', None)
info = self.weboob.repositories.get_module_info(name)
info = self.weboob.repositories.get_module_info(bname)
if info and (info.is_installed() or self.installModule(info)):
backend = self.weboob.modules_loader.get_or_load_module(bname)
for key, value in backend.config.load(self.weboob, bname, name, params, nofail=True).iteritems():
module = self.weboob.modules_loader.get_or_load_module(bname)
for key, value in module.config.load(self.weboob, bname, name, params, nofail=True).iteritems():
l, widget = self.config_widgets[key]
except KeyError:
warning('Key "%s" is not found' % key)
# Do not prompt user for value (for example a password if it is empty).
value.noprompt = True
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