Commit 8b1ea6d2 authored by Florian Duguet's avatar Florian Duguet Committed by Romain Bignon

[societegenerale] get Rib document for all subscription

change the way we get subscription to get one subscription for each account
not only for those which have bank statement, because it is still possible to get rib document
even for those which don't have it
parent 82247095
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ from decimal import Decimal
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
from weboob.browser import LoginBrowser, URL, need_login, StatesMixin
from weboob.capabilities.bill import Document, DocumentTypes
from weboob.exceptions import BrowserIncorrectPassword, ActionNeeded, BrowserUnavailable
from import Account, TransferBankError, AddRecipientStep, TransactionType, AccountOwnerType
from weboob.capabilities.base import find_object, NotAvailable
......@@ -40,7 +41,7 @@ from .pages.accounts_list import (
from .pages.transfer import AddRecipientPage, SignRecipientPage, TransferJson, SignTransferPage
from .pages.login import MainPage, LoginPage, BadLoginPage, ReinitPasswordPage, ActionNeededPage, ErrorPage
from .pages.subscription import BankStatementPage
from .pages.subscription import BankStatementPage, RibPdfPage
__all__ = ['SocieteGenerale']
......@@ -100,6 +101,7 @@ class SocieteGenerale(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
bank_statement = URL(r'/restitution/rce_derniers_releves.html', BankStatementPage)
bank_statement_search = URL(r'/restitution/rce_recherche.html\?noRedirect=1',
r'/restitution/rce_recherche_resultat.html', BankStatementPage)
rib_pdf_page = URL(r'/com/icd-web/cbo/pdf/rib-authsec.pdf', RibPdfPage)
bad_login = URL(r'/acces/authlgn.html', r'/error403.html', BadLoginPage)
reinit = URL(r'/acces/changecodeobligatoire.html',
......@@ -475,24 +477,39 @@ class SocieteGenerale(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
except (ProfileMissing, BrowserUnavailable):
subscriber = NotAvailable
# subscriptions which have statements are present on the last statement page
subscriptions_list = list(
subscriptions_list = list(
# this way the no statement accounts are excluded
# and the one keeped have all the data and parameters needed
for sub in
found_sub = find_object(subscriptions_list,
searchable_subscription_list = list(
for sub in subscriptions_list:
found_sub = find_object(searchable_subscription_list,
if found_sub:
yield sub
def iter_documents(self, subscription):
end_date =
# we need it to get bank statement, but not all subscription have it
sub._rad_button_id = found_sub._rad_button_id
# even without bank statement we still can get RIB document, so we yield subscription anyway
sub._rad_button_id = NotAvailable
yield sub
def _fetch_rib_document(self, subscription):
d = Document() = + '_RIB'
d.url ={'b64e200_prestationIdTechnique': subscription._internal_id})
d.type = DocumentTypes.RIB
d.format = 'pdf'
d.label = 'RIB'
return d
def _iter_statements(self, subscription):
# we need _rad_button_id for post_form function
# if not present it means this subscription doesn't have any bank statement
if subscription._rad_button_id is NotAvailable:
# 5 years since it goes with a 2 months step
security_limit = 30
end_date =
i = 0
while i < security_limit:
......@@ -509,3 +526,20 @@ class SocieteGenerale(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
# from the 08 to the 06, the 06 statement is included
end_date = end_date - relativedelta(months=+3)
i += 1
def iter_documents(self, subscription):
yield self._fetch_rib_document(subscription)
for doc in self._iter_statements(subscription):
yield doc
def iter_documents_by_types(self, subscription, accepted_types):
if DocumentTypes.RIB in accepted_types:
yield self._fetch_rib_document(subscription)
if DocumentTypes.STATEMENT not in accepted_types:
for doc in self._iter_statements(subscription):
yield doc
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ class SocieteGeneraleModule(Module, CapBankWealth, CapBankTransferAddRecipient,
Value('website', label='Type de compte', default='par',
choices={'par': 'Particuliers', 'pro': 'Professionnels', 'ent': 'Entreprises'}))
accepted_document_types = (DocumentTypes.STATEMENT,)
accepted_document_types = (DocumentTypes.STATEMENT, DocumentTypes.RIB)
def create_default_browser(self):
b = {'par': SocieteGenerale, 'pro': SGProfessionalBrowser, 'ent': SGEnterpriseBrowser}
......@@ -157,6 +157,9 @@ class SocieteGeneraleModule(Module, CapBankWealth, CapBankTransferAddRecipient,
return self.browser.iter_documents(subscription)
def iter_documents_by_types(self, subscription, accepted_types):
return self.browser.iter_documents_by_types(subscription, accepted_types)
def download_document(self, document):
if not isinstance(document, Document):
document = self.get_document(document)
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ import re
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
from weboob.capabilities.base import NotAvailable
from import Account, Investment, Loan, AccountOwnership
from weboob.capabilities.bill import Subscription
from import Advisor
from weboob.capabilities.profile import Person, ProfileMissing
from import FrenchTransaction
......@@ -215,6 +216,19 @@ class AccountsPage(JsonBasePage):
not Dict('produit')(self) in ('PLAN_EPARGNE_POPULAIRE', ):
return True
class iter_subscription(DictElement):
item_xpath = 'donnees'
class item(ItemElement):
klass = Subscription
obj_id = CleanText(Dict('numeroCompteFormate'), replace=[(' ', '')])
obj_subscriber = Env('subscriber')
obj_label = Format('%s %s', Dict('labelToDisplay'), Field('id'))
obj__internal_id = Dict('idTechnique')
class AccountsSynthesesPage(JsonBasePage):
def is_new_website_available(self):
if not Dict('commun/raison')(self.doc):
......@@ -24,31 +24,14 @@ from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
from weboob.capabilities.bill import Document, Subscription, DocumentTypes
from weboob.browser.elements import TableElement, ItemElement, method
from weboob.browser.filters.standard import CleanText, Regexp, Env, Date, Format, Field
from weboob.browser.filters.standard import CleanText, Regexp, Date, Format, Field
from weboob.browser.filters.html import Link, TableCell, Attr
from weboob.browser.pages import LoggedPage
from weboob.browser.pages import LoggedPage, RawPage
from .base import BasePage
class BankStatementPage(LoggedPage, BasePage):
class iter_subscription(TableElement):
item_xpath = '//table[.//th]//tr[td and @class="LGNTableRow"]'
head_xpath = '//table//th'
col_id = 'Numéro de Compte'
col_label = 'Type de Compte'
col__last_document_label = 'Derniers relevés'
class item(ItemElement):
def condition(self):
return 'Récapitulatif annuel' not in CleanText(TableCell('_last_document_label'))(self)
klass = Subscription
obj_id = CleanText(TableCell('id'), replace=[(' ', '')])
obj_label = CleanText(TableCell('label'))
class BankStatementPage(LoggedPage, BasePage):
class iter_searchable_subscription(TableElement):
item_xpath = '//table//tr[@class="fond_ligne"]'
......@@ -63,7 +46,6 @@ class BankStatementPage(LoggedPage, BasePage):
klass = Subscription
obj_id = CleanText(TableCell('id'), replace=[(' ', '')])
obj_subscriber = Env('subscriber')
def obj_label(self):
label = CleanText(TableCell('label'))(self)
......@@ -119,3 +101,7 @@ class BankStatementPage(LoggedPage, BasePage):
return any((CleanText('//div[@class="MessageErreur"]')(self.doc),
self.doc.xpath('//div[contains(@class, "error_page")]'), ))
class RibPdfPage(LoggedPage, RawPage):
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