Commit 8836b79e authored by Guillaume Risbourg's avatar Guillaume Risbourg Committed by Vincent A

[fortuneo] Added ActionNeeded when site ask for user infos

When checking for investments for PEA, the website ask the user to update
its infos if they are too old. Added ActionNeeded in that case.
parent 3625fbe9
......@@ -71,6 +71,15 @@ class PeaHistoryPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
def on_load(self):
err_msgs = [
"vos informations personnelles n'ayant pas été modifiées récemment, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir les compléter",
"nous vous remercions de mettre à jour et/ou de compléter vos informations personnelles",
text = CleanText('//div[@class="block_cadre"]//div/p')(self.doc)
if any(err_msg in text for err_msg in err_msgs):
raise ActionNeeded(text)
def get_investments(self, account):
if account is not None:
# the balance is highly dynamic, fetch it along with the investments to grab a snapshot
......@@ -503,18 +512,18 @@ class AccountsList(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
investment_page = None
if account.type in {Account.TYPE_PEA, Account.TYPE_MARKET, Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE}:
if account.type in (Account.TYPE_PEA, Account.TYPE_MARKET, Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE):
account._investment_link = Link('./ul/li/a[contains(@id, "portefeuille")]')(cpt)
investment_page =
investment_page = self.browser.location(account._investment_link).page
balance = investment_page.get_balance(account.type)
if account.type in {Account.TYPE_PEA, Account.TYPE_MARKET}:
if account.type in (Account.TYPE_PEA, Account.TYPE_MARKET):[] = list(
balance = page.get_balance()
if account.type is not Account.TYPE_LOAN:
account.coming = page.get_coming()
if account.type in {Account.TYPE_PEA, Account.TYPE_MARKET}:
if account.type in (Account.TYPE_PEA, Account.TYPE_MARKET):
account.currency = investment_page.get_currency()
elif balance:
account.currency = account.get_currency(balance)
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