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How to contribute
Write a patch
Help yourself with the [documentation](
Find an [opened issue on gitlab](,
or write you own bugfix or feature. Then, once it is necessary, commit with:
$ git commit -a
Do not forget to write a helpful commit message.
Check your patch
You can run these scripts to be sure your patch doesn’t break anything:
$ tools/
$ tools/ yourmodulename # or without yourmodulename to test everything
Perhaps you should also write or fix tests.
Send a patch
$ git format-patch -n -s origin
Then, send them with this command:
$ git send-email *.patch
You can also send the files by yourself if you haven’t any configured MTA on
your system.
Create a fork on
If you think you’ll contribute to Weboob regularly, you can create a repository
on []( To do so,
[signup]( and click on _Fork_ on the weboob
repository's page.
Then, you can push your commits, and ask for merge requests.
All git branch are listed here:
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