Commit 7cc50b7a authored by Maxime Gasselin's avatar Maxime Gasselin Committed by Vincent A

[cmb] Add parent config attributes in module

It avoids bad config instantiation from parent.
parent 84c7372d
......@@ -38,6 +38,14 @@ class CmbModule(AbstractModule, CapBankTransfer, CapContact):
DESCRIPTION = u'Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne'
PARENT = 'cmso'
CONFIG = BackendConfig(
ValueBackendPassword('login', label='Identifiant', masked=False),
ValueBackendPassword('password', label='Mot de passe'),
Value('website', label='Type de compte', default='par',
choices={'par': 'Particuliers', 'pro': 'Professionnels'})
AVAILABLE_BROWSERS = {'par': CmbParBrowser, 'pro': CmbProBrowser}
CONFIG = BackendConfig(ValueBackendPassword('login', label='Identifiant', masked=False),
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