Commit 7a8df0e0 authored by Maxime Gasselin's avatar Maxime Gasselin Committed by Vincent A

[banquepopulaire] Change continue_url params

The precedent params still work for the majority of the users but for
others these changes are mandatory.
parent 618aeae7
......@@ -481,21 +481,15 @@ def do_new_login(self):'login')
access_token =
expires_in =
# continueURL not found in HAR
params = {
'Segment': self.user_type,
'NameId': user_code,
'cdetab': cdetab,
'continueURL': '/cyber/ibp/ate/portal/internet89C3Portal.jsp?taskId=aUniversAccueilRefonte',
'access_token': access_token,
'token_type': 'Bearer',
'grant_type': 'implicit flow',
'NameId': self.username.upper(),
'Segment': self.user_type,
'scopes': '',
'expires_in': expires_in,
self.location(continue_url, params=params)
if self.response.status_code == 302:
# No redirection to the next url
# Let's do the job instead of the bank
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