Commit 74ec4f67 authored by Maxime Gasselin's avatar Maxime Gasselin Committed by Romain Bignon

[boursorama] Fix differed transfer

Boursorama website does not support date and month format like 08 or 02 ,
but need 8 or 2.
parent b92c8d08
......@@ -953,8 +953,9 @@ class TransferCharac(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
assert self.get_option(form.el.xpath('//select[@id="Characteristics_schedulingType"]')[0], 'Différé') == '2'
form['Characteristics[schedulingType]'] = '2'
form['Characteristics[scheduledDate][day]'] = exec_date.strftime('%d')
form['Characteristics[scheduledDate][month]'] = exec_date.strftime('%m')
# If we let the 0 in the front of the month or the day like 02, the website will not interpret the good date
form['Characteristics[scheduledDate][day]'] = exec_date.strftime('%d').lstrip("0")
form['Characteristics[scheduledDate][month]'] = exec_date.strftime('%m').lstrip("0")
form['Characteristics[scheduledDate][year]'] = exec_date.strftime('%Y')
form['Characteristics[notice]'] = 'none'
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