Commit 71b35e16 authored by Vincent A's avatar Vincent A

core/repositories: progress should go from 20% to 30%, not the reverse

parent f7e79a14
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......@@ -711,13 +711,13 @@ class Repositories(object):
module_dir = os.path.join(self.modules_dir,
installed = self.versions.get(
if installed is None or not os.path.exists(module_dir):
progress.progress(0.3, 'Module %s is not installed yet' %
progress.progress(0.2, 'Module %s is not installed yet' %
elif module.version > installed:
progress.progress(0.3, 'A new version of %s is available' %
progress.progress(0.2, 'A new version of %s is available' %
raise ModuleInstallError('The latest version of %s is already installed' %
progress.progress(0.2, 'Downloading module...')
progress.progress(0.3, 'Downloading module...')
tardata =
except BrowserHTTPError as e:
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