Commit 6ce74f44 authored by Augustin Bouverot's avatar Augustin Bouverot Committed by Vincent A

[boursorama] Use initial transaction label if available

Some users are updating their transaction labels causing issues for our
clients. If the label was updated, we fetch the original label.
parent 69664cc4
......@@ -495,7 +495,12 @@ class HistoryPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
obj_amount = CleanDecimal.French('.//div[has-class("list-operation-item__amount")]')
obj_category = CleanText('.//span[contains(@class, "category")]')
obj__account_name = CleanText('.//span[contains(@class, "account__name-xs")]', default=None)
obj_raw = Transaction.Raw(CleanText('.//div[has-class("list-operation-item__label-name")]'))
obj_raw = Transaction.Raw(
def obj_id(self):
return Attr('.', 'data-id', default=NotAvailable)(self) or Attr('.', 'data-custom-id', default=NotAvailable)(self)
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