Commit 6714978c authored by Jerome Berthier's avatar Jerome Berthier Committed by Romain Bignon

[banquepopulaire] fix duplicated coming transactions between card accounts

If there are several cards attached to a same account, the connector
did retrieve all the coming transactions (from all cards) for all cards.
parent 7a4c3a71
......@@ -368,7 +368,8 @@ class BanquePopulaire(LoginBrowser):
self.location('/cyber/internet/', params=next_params)
if coming and account._coming_count:
for i in range(account._coming_count):
for i in range(account._coming_start,
account._coming_start + account._coming_count):
for tr in get_history_by_receipt(account, coming, sel_tbl1=i):
yield tr
......@@ -682,6 +682,11 @@ class CardsPage(LoggedPage, MyHTMLPage):
self.logger.debug('there are no cards on this page')
# We are processing another card, so reset account
if CleanText('.')(cols[0]) and account is not None:
yield account
account = None
id = CleanText(None).filter(cols[self.COL_ID])
if len(id) > 0:
if account is not None:
......@@ -700,7 +705,15 @@ class CardsPage(LoggedPage, MyHTMLPage):
account._coming_params = params.copy()
account._coming_params['dialogActionPerformed'] = 'SELECTION_ENCOURS_CARTE'
account._coming_params['attribute($SEL_$%s)' % tr.attrib['id'].split('_')[0]] = tr.attrib['id'].split('_', 1)[1]
account._coming_count = len(self.doc.xpath('//table[@id="tbl1"]/tbody/tr/td[5]/span[not(contains(text(), "(1)"))]'))
# select current row and next rows till parent name is empty
account._coming_start = int(tr.attrib['id'].split('_', 1)[1])
account._coming_count = 1
for row in tr.xpath('./following-sibling::tr[./td[5]/span[not(contains(text(), "(1)"))]]'):
if CleanText('./td[2]')(row):
account._coming_count += 1
elif account is None:
raise BrokenPageError('Unable to find accounts on cards page')
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