Commit 66480454 authored by Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon Committed by Vincent A

stable_backport: add *CaptchaQuestion exceptions

parent 3c031647
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......@@ -7,4 +7,40 @@ class AuthMethodNotImplemented(Exception):
class CaptchaQuestion(Exception):
"""Site requires solving a CAPTCHA (base class)"""
# could be improved to pass the name of the backendconfig key
def __init__(self, type=None, **kwargs):
super(CaptchaQuestion, self).__init__("The site requires solving a captcha")
self.type = type
for key, value in kwargs.items():
setattr(self, key, value)
class ImageCaptchaQuestion(CaptchaQuestion):
type = 'image_captcha'
image_data = None
def __init__(self, image_data):
super(ImageCaptchaQuestion, self).__init__(self.type, image_data=image_data)
class NocaptchaQuestion(CaptchaQuestion):
type = 'g_recaptcha'
website_key = None
website_url = None
def __init__(self, website_key, website_url):
super(NocaptchaQuestion, self).__init__(self.type, website_key=website_key, website_url=website_url)
class RecaptchaQuestion(CaptchaQuestion):
type = 'g_recaptcha'
website_key = None
website_url = None
def __init__(self, website_key, website_url):
super(RecaptchaQuestion, self).__init__(self.type, website_key=website_key, website_url=website_url)
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