Commit 5fe1786a authored by Christophe Francois's avatar Christophe Francois Committed by Vincent A

[societegenerale] Fixed balance for revolving credits

In some revolving credits the displayed balance is the available amount
instead of the used amount, it needs to be overriden with the used

Closes: 14567@zendesk
parent 08d506c4
......@@ -354,8 +354,11 @@ class LoansPage(JsonBasePage):
# used amount
if Dict('reserveUtilisee', default=NotAvailable)(acc):
loan.used_amount = eval_decimal_amount('reserveUtilisee/valeur', 'reserveUtilisee/posDecimale')(acc)
# in some cases, the displayed balance is the available amount and must be overriden
loan.balance = loan.used_amount
elif Dict('montantUtilise', default=NotAvailable)(acc):
loan.available_amount = eval_decimal_amount('montantUtilise/valeur', 'montantUtilise/posDecimale')(acc)
loan.used_amount = eval_decimal_amount('montantUtilise/valeur', 'montantUtilise/posDecimale')(acc)
loan.balance = loan.used_amount
# next payment amount
if Dict('prochaineEcheance', default=NotAvailable)(acc):
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