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Weboob is a free software written by:
Romain Bignon <>
* Manager;
* Core team;
* Qt Applications;
* AuM, Arte, BNPorc, CanalTP, DLFP, Fourchan, Gazelle, Geolocip, Yahoo
and Youporn backends maintainer.
Christophe Benz <>
* Core team;
* Packaging;
* INA and Youtube backends maintainer.
Roger Philibert <>
* Youjizz backend maintainer.
Juke <>
* Developer of masstransit;
* Transilien backend maintainer.
Nicolas Duhamel <>
* BP backend maintainer.
Laurent Bachelier <>
* CrAgr backend maintainer.
Flo <>
* BNPorc patches.
Antoine <>
* QVideoob fixes.
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