Commit 5baa3d5e authored by Dorian Roly's avatar Dorian Roly Committed by Vincent A

[bnporc] fix missing attributes for revolving credit in iter_subscription

i've added obj_subscriber and obj__iduser in fill_revolving_details to fix error when iter_subscription call iter_account with a revolving credit account.

closes : 13094@zendesk, 45906@sibi
parent 89a51ae1
......@@ -399,6 +399,8 @@ class LoanDetailsPage(BNPPage):
class fill_revolving_details(ItemElement):
obj_total_amount = Dict('data/montantDisponible')
obj_rate = Dict('data/tauxInterets')
obj__subscriber = Format('%s %s', Dict('data/titulaire/nom'), Dict('data/titulaire/prenom'))
obj__iduser = None
class AccountsIBANPage(BNPPage):
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