Commit 59b764d5 authored by Dorian Roly's avatar Dorian Roly Committed by Vincent A

[boursorama] Fix card transactions

It seems that the previous code was filtering transactions because the website was returning all transaction
from all cards in one request, the website seems to returning only the good transactions per request,
so i've removed what it seems to be depreciated code.
parent adc2cbef
......@@ -643,16 +643,6 @@ class CardHistoryPage(LoggedPage, CsvPage):
def obj_category(self):
return Dict('category')(self)
# The csv page shows every transactions of the card account AND the associated
# check account. Here we want only the card transactions.
# Also, if there is more than one card account, the csv page will show
# transactions of every card account (smart) ... So we need to check for
# account number.
def validate(self, obj):
if "Relevé" in obj.raw:
return Env('account_number')(self) in obj.raw
return ("CARTE" in obj.raw or "CARTE" in obj._account_label) and Env('account_number')(self) in Dict('accountNum')(self)
class Myiter_investment(TableElement):
# We do not scrape the investments contained in the "Engagements en liquidation" table
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