Commit 598edfdb authored by Célande Adrien's avatar Célande Adrien Committed by Vincent A

[ing] catch recipient error

this new error may be for people not allowed to add recipients,
but the website message is not relevant:
L’ajout de bénéficiaire n’a pas pu être effectué.
Pour plus d’information, veuillez contacter notre Centre de Relation Client.

Closes: 46321@sibi
parent 41967e3d
......@@ -433,7 +433,11 @@ class IngAPIBrowser(LoginBrowser, StatesMixin):
# it is the only time that it appears
raise AddRecipientTimeout()
elif error['code'] in (
# not allowed to add a recipient
raise AddRecipientBankError(message=error['message'])
assert False, 'Recipient error not handled'
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