Commit 5671af33 authored by Dorian Roly's avatar Dorian Roly Committed by Vincent A

[bred] Fix error when there is too many transactions in one account

When you try to get transactions from the 10000th you have to reset to 0 and change the last_date to continue
parent 75584701
......@@ -180,17 +180,25 @@ class BredBrowser(LoginBrowser):
seen = set()
offset = 0
next_page = True
end_date =
last_date = None
while next_page:
if offset == 10000:
offset = 0
end_date = last_date
operation_list = self._make_api_call(
start_date=date(day=1, month=1, year=2000),,
start_date=date(day=1, month=1, year=2000), end_date=end_date,
offset=offset, max_length=50,
transactions =, operation_list=operation_list, seen=seen, today=today, coming=coming)
transactions = sorted_transactions(transactions)
if transactions:
last_date = transactions[-1].date
# Transactions are unsorted
for t in sorted_transactions(transactions):
for t in transactions:
if coming == t._coming:
yield t
elif coming and not t._coming:
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