Commit 4f1f89b9 authored by Nicolas Frandeboeuf's avatar Nicolas Frandeboeuf Committed by Vincent A fix missing TransferInvalidOTP export

parent f95ada51
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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ __all__ = [
'CapBankTransfer', 'Transfer', 'Recipient',
'TransferError', 'TransferBankError', 'TransferInvalidAmount', 'TransferInsufficientFunds',
'TransferInvalidCurrency', 'TransferInvalidLabel',
'TransferInvalidEmitter', 'TransferInvalidRecipient',
'TransferInvalidEmitter', 'TransferInvalidOTP', 'TransferInvalidRecipient',
'RecipientNotFound', 'AddRecipientError', 'AddRecipientBankError', 'AddRecipientTimeout',
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