Commit 4d523b45 authored by Maxime Pommier's avatar Maxime Pommier Committed by Romain Bignon

[boursorama] Reindent correctly the account type dict

parent 8a38869a
......@@ -214,26 +214,27 @@ class AccountsPage(LoggedPage, HTMLPage):
# This id appears when there are no accounts (pro and pp)
return not self.doc.xpath('//div[contains(@id, "alert-random")]')
ACCOUNT_TYPES = {u'comptes courants': Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
u'cav': Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
'livret': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'pel': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'cel': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
u'comptes épargne': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
u'mon épargne': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'csljeune': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS, # in url
u'ord': Account.TYPE_MARKET,
u'comptes bourse': Account.TYPE_MARKET,
u'mes placements financiers': Account.TYPE_MARKET,
u'assurances vie': Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE,
u'assurance-vie': Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE,
u'mes crédits': Account.TYPE_LOAN,
u'crédit': Account.TYPE_LOAN,
u'prêt': Account.TYPE_LOAN,
u'pea': Account.TYPE_PEA,
'carte': Account.TYPE_CARD,
'comptes courants': Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
'cav': Account.TYPE_CHECKING,
'livret': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'pel': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'cel': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'comptes épargne': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'mon épargne': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS,
'csljeune': Account.TYPE_SAVINGS, # in url
'ord': Account.TYPE_MARKET,
'comptes bourse': Account.TYPE_MARKET,
'mes placements financiers': Account.TYPE_MARKET,
'assurances vie': Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE,
'assurance-vie': Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE,
'mes crédits': Account.TYPE_LOAN,
'crédit': Account.TYPE_LOAN,
'prêt': Account.TYPE_LOAN,
'pea': Account.TYPE_PEA,
'carte': Account.TYPE_CARD,
class iter_accounts(ListElement):
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